GEO Product Features

Outstanding Image Processing

CMOS Image Sensor agnostic High Dynamic Range processing for automotive, consumer and industrial applications

eWARP® Processing

Geometric processing for fisheye lens distortion correction and electronic pan/tilt/zoom

Computer Vision

GEO products can process advanced algorithms for detection at a fraction of the size and power footprint of other embedded solutions

Multiple Panel Generation

Dynamic Electronic Pan/Tilt/Zoom

GEO Applications

GEO Technology enables compelling features and value for the below applications and beyond

Surround View Monitoring

Don't miss a thing

Full coverage of every corner of your car.

Mirror Replacement

Blind Spot?

Never again.

Doorbell Cameras

Knock Knock

Never ask “who’s there” again.

360 Degree Cameras

Capture your entire world

Never miss a moment.

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